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Installing the WinFax PRO 10.04 update

WinFax PRO 10.04 update is a patch file released from Symantec in 2005 that updates the Fax Sharing features of WinFax PRO.  After the patch is applied, the following WinFax PRO 10.03 files are updated in the WinFax installation folder: About.cfg ISUtil.dll UNINSTAL.DLL WFXCTL32.EXE (2 different versions depending on operating system) WFXRES32.DLL WFXIFWPP.DLL WPHOST.WPI The […]

WinFax installation does not complete

Situation: During the installation of WinFax, or when you reboot your computer, the WinFax PRO configuration wizard setup screen appears. When you are presented with the screen to enter your name, fax number and CSID, the screen disappears or the computer hangs/freezes. You cannot continue the setup, and you cannot start WinFax as the setup is not […]

How to install WinFax with Windows XP

This article will help you perform an install or reinstall of  WinFax PRO 10 with Windows XP Home edition or Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2 or Service Pack 3.  All versions of WinFax PRO will install under Windows XP (all service packs).  With the support of WinFax Tools and this article, you can accomplish an […]