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Where to buy Symantec WinFax PRO software

Looking to purchase WinFax PRO? You may have found links on the internet to download software on the Web and we recommend you do NOT download WinFax illegally from any of these sites. These sites will take your money and you’ll end up with nothing, or worse, stolen personal & financial information. Symantec (the developers of WinFax PRO) discontinued the software in 2006. The final version is WinFax PRO 10, and Symantec no longer sells it.

To purchase WinFax PRO, you’ll need to buy from a liquidator/distributor who has NOS (New Old Stock) on hand, or buy from a third-party 2nd hand.

You can find some sellers of WinFax (used and new) on eBay. Remember, WinFax Pro does not work with newer Microsoft Windows Operating Systems such as Windows 7 or 8.

NOTE: Just because you’re buying an actual CD ROM doesn’t mean the software is legitimate. We’ve found some eBay sellers are knowing (or unknowingly) selling illegal , copied software. If the seller has more than one copy, and continues to sell the same product be suspect that the software is illegal. If you suspect a seller has illegal software, ask them to send you a photo of the CD ROM they are selling. You can compare with our “Counterfeit CD” article we have on our site here.

Any web site which offers you an “instant” download of WinFax PRO is an illegal site not authorized by Symantec to sell & distribute WinFax. For your security, do not buy and download any WinFax software from any of these “OEM download” sites you might find in some search engines such as Google. Not only are you purchasing pirated software (if you actually get anything at all), but you risk exposing your personal credit card details to criminals. The only authorized download reseller of Symantec WinFax PRO prior to 2006 was Digital River. Digital River operated the Symantec Online Store. They no longer offer this download, or provide on-line sales for Symantec.