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WinFax installation does not complete

Situation: During the installation of WinFax, or when you reboot your computer, the WinFax PRO configuration wizard setup screen appears. When you are presented with the screen to enter your name, fax number and CSID, the screen disappears or the computer hangs/freezes. You cannot continue the setup, and you cannot start WinFax as the setup is not completed.

These steps apply to Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or Service Pack 3, and all versions of WinFax PRO and TalkWorks PRO.

Start WinFax Tools (The full version of WinFax Tools is provided to all paid subscribers to the WinFax Forums. Click here for Premium Subscription Information)

  1. Click on Install & Setup Tools button.
  2. Click on Fix Start Up Errors button.
  3. Click YES, WinFax will automatically close if active.
  4. Click OK to any messages that appear, until completed.
  5. Click Fix Entry Problem on the Main WinFax Tools screen.
  6. Follow the on screen instructions that appear.
  7. Reboot computer when done.
  8. If WinFax setup appears, continue with setup. If WinFax Setup does not automatically start, start WinFax Tools, click on Install & Setup Tools button, click Start WTNSETUP button & Continue the WinFax installation.