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Why am I receiving a fax from a Happy FaxTalk User?

Are you a unhappy recipient of a fax from a Happy FaxTalk User”?

  • We never send unsolicited faxes or e-mail spam.
  • If you received a unsolicited fax with the heading ‘A Happy FaxTalk User‘ it did not originate from us.

What is FaxTalk?

FaxTalk is fax software used to transmit and receive faxes directly using a computer and telephone line. Thought Communications FaxTalk software has provided reliable faxing for businesses, home offices and individuals. is an authorized re seller and support service for the FaxTalk fax software from Thought Communications.

If you received a fax with a “CSID” (Calling Station Identifier) heading that includes “A Happy FaxTalk User”, the fax did not originate from We are not a fax broadcaster and we do not send unsolicited faxes. We do not provide any type of third party faxing services on behalf of any company or organization. We’re an independent company providing businesses and individuals fax software, fax modem hardware and fax support services.

The ‘Happy FaxTalk User‘ heading you see on the fax page is the default message that is set during the initial installation of the FaxTalk fax software. Legitimate businesses will replace this information to include their own contact information (for example a company name, fax and/or phone number) It is possible that an error or oversight during the setup of the FaxTalk software caused this setting to remain as the default.  The content of the fax should contain enough information to contact the organization sending you these faxes.

What can you can do.

To stop receiving these faxes, your first step is to contact the sender of the fax directly using the information that is provided on the actual fax. You can also use caller id that appears on your phone or fax machine (if you subscribe to this service from your telephone company).

Customers that are using this fax software are expected to follow all local/state and provincial laws in regards to the transmission of faxes. We will refuse sales and service to any customer that use the software for unsolicited “fax spamming” purposes.  

Blocking specific faxes using Junk Fax Blocking

Some fax machines and fax software have a feature to block specific CSIDs. FaxTalk has the feature called Junk Fax Blocking that can be enabled to block blank CSIDs and specific CSIDs. While this method is not perfect, it can block problematic faxes from specific CSIDs.

Filing a complaint

If  the sender continues to send you faxes after your request to stop, you can contact your local government authority for more information on ‘junk faxes’ or ‘fax spamming’ laws. You can also file a complaint directly for any violations. 

In the United States (contact the the FCC at

In Canada (contact the CRTC at

For EU or other localities not listed here please contact your local government office.

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