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I was having problems on a XP Home SP1 (with autoupdates) with 10.0 and tried upgrading to 10.03. This did not help.

I installed 10.03 on a XP Pro SP1 (no updates) and everyting worked EXCEPT the MakeAttachment method. It refused to make the attachment in the specified directory with the specified name (a necessity as I need to fax reports from MS Access).

I reverted the installation to 10.0 by uninstalling 10.03 and clean installing 10.0. This now works fine.

My problem is whether to install SP 2 and see what happens, and be prepared to take the bite in doing a fresh XP SP 1 and turn off the updates if the code fails again.

It may be just a ‘cluttered’ machine that has the problem eg a ‘fresh’ XP install with SP 2 -may- not have the problem with the code, but that’s an experiment for the near future.