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@sdfhcf wrote:

I have three computers(Dell-Pentiums) all running XP-Pro-SP2, Office 2003, and WinFax 10.0.3.
On computer #1, (lean and mean) I only got winfax macros to work once! so after three days of trying everything, I gave up.
On Computer #2 (loaded with every download possible, and macros for palm and ACT 6.0), winfax macro worked the first time and everytime!
On computer # 3, I did a clean XP-Pro install, did all XP updates, then installed WinFaxPro 10.0.3, then custom installed Office 2003 with every option, did updates, then installed WinFaxMacro- NO LUCK!! So I installed all XP components listed under Start, Set Program Access Defaults, Custom, AddRemove Windows components(needed orig XP disk for this) and on the second try WINFAX MACROS worked! Rebooted computer and it continues to work on the second try which for me is a big improvement over not working at all!
If anyone has figured out how to go from working every second time to working every first time, I would love to hear it!

Glad to hear you resolved the problem of it not picking up the styles. We are working on resolving the “2nd try” issue, as this is a known problem. Cancelling the first fax (with blank info) and printing again to WinFax should work.