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Hello Shellie,

If you get this error message when starting Word you need to ensure WinFax PRO, WinFax Basic Edition or TalkWorks is installed on the PC.

Please see this document for MINIMUM SYSTEM Requirements to use the WinFax Macro for Word.


You need WinFax or TalkWorks installed, or the macro will not load properly. For info on WinFax see WinFax PRO 10 from Symantec Online Store

If you do have WinFax installed and you still have this error:

1. Make sure you have a compatible version of WinFax. Anything below WinFax PRO 8.02 will not work. Version 9.02 or higher is recommended.

2. Try starting the WinFax PRO controller first, then start Microsoft Word.

3. This error message can also occur if you do not have Visual Basic Components installed with Microsoft Word.
You will need to reinstall Word and enable the Visual Basic (VBA) components.

If you don’t have WinFax installed, you will continue to experience this error message but you can still continue to use Microsoft Word normally. To uninstall the macro, please see the posting on how to uninstall the macro.

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