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yes, providing the configuration is correct you can configure 2 modems (external recommended using com ports — not USB), if internal, they should be hardware based modems (avoid software driven modems, and never use two software modems in the same system)
for more info on fax modems, visit http://www.modemsite.com
and WinModems, soft modems info here:
These modems in most cases are fine for sending the occasional fax, but not for volume faxing. Avoid them if you can.

Client and workstations must be using the same version of WinFax PRO (all updated from 10.03 to 10.04 recommended if using Windows XP SP2, otherwise, 10.03 is OK.)

You can use in mixed environment using v10.03 (or lower), however, if some of the machines are Windows XP SP2 then you’ll need to perform steps on the Windows XP SP2 machines to configure fax sharing (see Symantec’s document on Fax Sharing and Windows XP SP 2).. you can have a Win 98 machine as Fax HOST , and Win XP SP2 as clients.

before you attempt all this, I’d recommend running both systems side by side so that way you have your existing system incase things don’t go as planned.

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