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1. I can choose either a Windows 98SE or an XP SP2 computer to function as the host computer. Since the XP box is several years newer, I would prefer to use it unless this forum’s experience is that Windows 98SE would be a more stable and reliable host. Keeping in mind that whichever computer I choose will serve as host to XP SP2 workstations, which platform would members of this forum recommend that I use?

I would recommend the Windows XP SP2 machine.

2. Should the host and client installations of WinFax communicate over our Microsoft Small Business 2003 network or as peer-to-peer?

Fax sharing uses TCP/IP to communicate. So, as long as TCP/IP is configured properly and there is nothing blocking the hosts and clients from talking to each other, it will work.

3. Can the installation of WinFax running on the host computer be configured so that no one other than I can delete faxes? (That way, if some are inadvertently deleted, I can only blame myself.)

The clients will receive a copy of the faxes you receive from the host, but if they delete those faxes locally on the client machines, they will not be deleted on the host. So, yes, if you delete from the host they are gone (unless someone retreived a copy on a client before you deleted it.)

4. Is there an issue with WinFax being able to automatically print out incoming faxes by using a printer on a Small Business 2003 network?

Yes, I have heard of this problem using a network printer. Symantec at one point recommended that the printer be installed locally on the HOST PC, so they could be printed automatically. I believe the problem occurs over a long period of time after printing a large number of faxes, but I can’t confirm this however.

I appreciate your responses. I would prefer implementing the new WinFax configuration with as few glitches as possible. That way, (hopefully) I won’t have to post numerous questions in the future asking why something isn’t working.

no problem!