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@beny wrote:

I have searched for those .TMP files and found none.
But when looking in the windows dir i have found a WFXMACRO.INI file , when i opened it, it was empty.
i went and checked the other computer where the Winfax do function, in order to compare… I couldn`t find this .INI file.
should this file be there???
shouldn`t it contain some code??

the wfxmacro.ini file is not required or used when printing to the winfax pro printer driver

make sure you have a printer installed , and can print to a local printer as a test. problems printing may cause problems with printing to the winfax pro printer driver.

check the event viewer from the control panel, adminstrative tools to see if there are any error messages regarding printing when you print to the WinFax PRO printer driver.
more about using the Event Viewer here:

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