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@beny wrote:

I did as you suggested and reinstlled version 10.03.
While going through the final setup i noticed a problem with the spooling,a massege notifing that spooling cannot be stopped so i tryed again and it didn`t help so i continued through cancel.
Is there a way to overcome the spooling problem?
btw. i mailed you the log file yesterday.
Thank you,

try the following:

1. Go to CONTROL PANEL, PRINTERS and delete both the WinFax (Photo Quality) and WinFax Printer drivers.
(Select the printer, right-click, Delete)

2. click START, RUN, type SERVICES.MSC and click OK
the services window should now appear.
In the named list, look for


double-click the Print Spooler entry, then click "STOP" to STOP the service.