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@beny wrote:

I must add that the only problem is to open the send dialoge after the print to fax.
For some reason the file that`s printed to fax is deleted in the process so the fax sending window never opens.



not sure if you’ve tried my previous suggestion. We have been working on this issue, and we may have a possible solution to your problem.

We’ve found that an uninstall of WinFax sometimes will not properly delete these two files, especially if you have Printer Spooler problems (stopping and starting the Printer Spooler). Usually this isn’t a problem, but if you had an older version of WinFax and install a newer version (or vice versa) this can be a problem because WinFax will not always over-write these files with a newer, or older version of the file.

Can you search for the files:




they should both appear in your WindowsSystem32 Directory (usually C:WINNTSYSTEM32 or C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32)

After you UNINSTALL WinFax PRO, do a search for these two files. If you find them, delete them.

Reboot the computer , and search again (to confirm these two files have been deleted).
then reinstall WinFax PRO.

Let us know if this resolved the Printing to WinFax PRO issue with your installation of WinFax PRO 10.03