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@andy Shuter wrote:

I am currently using a custom built module that allows me to automatically send report files (rpt) from Access through Winfax Pro. The class module I have bought does not (at least I assume) allow me to attach a file (such as a word doc etc) and pump it through Winfax automatically. Just wondered if there was a way (preferably through Outlook) I could use a class module and a script to forward a snapshot file throgh winfax?

Andy suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

If you can right-click “Print” the file, you should be able to automatically print it to WinFax too.

The actual file must be opened and automatically printed (to the WinFax Printer driver) from the application that created it.

For example, If you send a .doc file, and Windows has associated .doc with Word , what should happen is Word will open and automatically print the document to WinFax.