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This is becoming very frustrating! I know that you are trying to help and I apprceiate your help. But I seem to be ansering the same questions over and over. I have installed my version 10 winfax pro. First I had a problem entering the info into the Phone, fax, location name, etc. I downloaded some fix from a link you gave me this solved the problem. Then it would finish installing we thought. Then I got a spooling error. Now the program will not auto start and it will also not go into auto receive. The only way that i can start the program is to go to the .exe file and run to start the program and it will not go into auto receive. At this point it also covers up all of my printers so that none of my other printers are showing that they are installed. The only way to get my printers back was to Un-install winfax. What do I do to install this on to the same OS that I have previously run this program on to and have it perform as it is suppose to?