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@conklin wrote:

I receive the following pop-up when attempting to open WinFax:

WinFax PRO (X) The following error occurred when attempting to open a golder. “Call failed.” Unable to open the folder because its parent folder has been deleted. [ OK ]

Try these steps as you may have left over data files, or missing registry settings.

1. Close WinFax PRO and Controller if active.
2. Rename the Program FilesWinFaxDATA folder to Program FilesWinFaxDATAOLD
3. Start WinFax PRO Controller (this step creates a new data folder, with default send/receive logs and phonebook)
4. Close WinFax PRO Controller.
5. Double-click WTNSETUP.EXE from the WinFax PRO Folder (usually c:program fileswinfax)
6. Go through the setup process again until it is completed.
7. Start WinFax PRO Controller and WinFax PRO Fax Manager.