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This error indicates a problem with the installshield applicaton that WinFax is using to perform the installation. Usually, this error can be caused by temporary files left over from a previous install , so I recommend removing any temporary files in your temp folder.

If you continue getting the error, try copying the contents of the WINFAX folder on the CD ROM to your hard drive, remove the CD ROM and then perform the installation by double-clicking SETUP.EXE from the WINFAX folder stored on the hard drive.

Other possible solutions are booting Windows XP in a clean boot state, so you can perform the installation.

Other option is SAFE Mode, which is the last resort if the installation fails after trying the above options. This method might prevent you from setting up and detecting the fax modem during the installation process, however, the install can still complete and you would setup the fax modem after the computer reboots in normal mode.

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