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This needs to go to everyone as the fix. We could not get my laptop to work yesterday, but got my Winfax working again on my desktop so I could get invoices out. The session lasted a looooong time. Anyway, I had installed Norton Cleansweep when along with my other programs. I also had Norton Antivirus and Spyware loaded that came with my ATT Yahoo Internet service. Well, once I uninstalled Winfax, again and uninstalled all the other Symantec stuff I reinstalled Winfax, and guess what, it now works fine on my laptop. I can now install the other Symantec programs and it should all work fine, just like on my desktop. Oh, but the download on get faxing to fix the CSID problem still doesnt work. I can not put in my phone # on Winfax. I have not installed any Symantec programs yet, so that is not the cause. It works so I can live without that. Thanks for all your help.