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the first step is to ensure the installation is complete and successful. When you get to the screen to enter the fax number and CSID, DO NOT click on any of these fields and just click “NEXT”.

Once the install has completed ,
download winfaxtoolsfull.exe from the download area (patches & updates section)

download fix for all Premium Support Subscribers:

run the program and then click “Fix Entry Problem” button. Follow the steps in the dialog box that opens.

Once completed, reboot the computer.

Click on Start, All Programs, Symantec WinFax PRO, Program Setup.
Click on User.
Enter your fax number and CSID here.

If you can enter the fax number or CSID, then you are done . If you still cannot enter the fax number or CSID
then run winfaxtoolsfull.exe , click Fix Entry Problem Button and perform the steps again but uncheck the ” Text services” box and reboot.

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