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Can anyone help?

I am a registered user of Winfax v10 and I am experiencing an error when I try to print to Winfax I receive the following error message:

“Winfax is not active for this user account. Please start the controller and try again.”

Apart from this error Winfax is fully working.

Under Modems and Communication Devices Properties is shown – Intel 536EP V.92 Modem using TAPI and is active.

I am running Windows XP Professional with SP1.

I have looked at the symantec website. The following error is indicated:-

Error: “Winfax is not active for this User Account . . .” when you print from WinFax

When you print a fax in WinFax PRO, you see the message “WinFax is not active for this User Account. Please start the controller and try again.”

This problem happens when the Controller is not running in the Notification area. To resolve the problem, start the Winfax Controller and then print the fax.

This solution does not work for me.

The following error is also indicated on the Symantec website:


I have opened REGACCES.EXE in the winfax directory. The settings were empty. I have added ‘Administrator’ and ‘Everyone’. This has not solved the problem.

I have used services.msc to ‘Stop the service’ under ‘Fast user switching’. This has not solved the problem.

I have tried reinstalling Winfax but this has not solved the problem.

The computer is set up with only one user.

The program setup for caller status and controller properties has been left as default:
Ticked – Display status dialog
Ticked – Bring status dialog to front
Unticked – Empty wastebaskets on exit
Ticked – Allow sending and receiving when logged off
When not in use: Leave running

Can anyone suggest how I might correct the problem?