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1. Create and size the graphic in your graphics program, or scan in the image you will use. Save it in any format supported by WinFax.

2. Start the program and open the appropriate file.

From Message Manager On the Go menu, click Receive Log. In the Receive Log, double click the fax you want to view. Viewer starts.

From the Controller Right click the Controller icon on the Windows taskbar, point to New Messages and click the fax you want to view. Viewer starts.

3. In Viewer, enable Annotation on the View menu.
4. On the Insert menu, click Stamp. The Insert Stamp dialog appears.
5. Click New. The Select Graphic dialog appears.
6. In the Description field, type a name or description to help you identify this stamp in the future.
7. Locate and select the file you want to use as a stamp.
8. Click Open. The Insert Stamp dialog reappears, with the new stamp highlighted.
9. Click OK.
10. Click at the desired insertion point. The stamp appears.

Note–The stamp remains permanently available for future use.

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