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@Razorlight wrote:

Hi All, I have a very strange problem with Winfax and hopefully someone can help me with it. I”ve been trying to fix it for many hours and nothing is working.

I’m running XP SP2.

I can start the controller, the send dialogue without a problem. The problem I’m having is when printing to the WINFAX printer driver from ANY program (be it Word, or Outlook or Excelt etc), the send dialogue will appear (with cover page if selected) but the FAX it self does NOT appear. I have uninstalled and reinstalled WINFAX at least 5 times. I’ve reinstalled the printer driver following symantec knowledge base instruction (by copying framedyn.dll to system32 folder, then run insprint.exe to reinstall driver) and nothing is working. I’ve rebuilt and optimzed all logs, and even rename the DATA directory so new data directory can be created again to start from scratch but same problem. Would anyone have a solution on how to fix the problem?

If not, is there another equivalent fax software that can convert the phonebook and logs from Winfax that I can swtich to? I’ve spent 5+ hours on this and starting to lose my hope…

check your install log , wfxinst.log , for any errors regarding installation of the printer driver.