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Digital River handles downloads for WinFax PRO, you might need to contact them about getting a link to download WinFax PRO 10.03. Since WinFax PRO 10 has now been discontinued by Symantec, I am not sure how they would handle this. If it was a download, you should have some image of WinFax PRO on your hard drive. Also, if you downloaded more than 1 year ago they won’t allow you to download it again.

cut&paste from Digital River
I purchased my product more than one year ago
If you purchased your product more than a year ago, you can no longer download your product. If you do not have your original installation files, you can buy a new version of your product at a discounted price by purchasing an upgrade. Go to our Upgrades and Renewals page, and then choose your product and version to see your upgrade options.

Check this link, it may help.

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