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I believe this is a bug in WinFax PRO 10.03

shutting down using “Exit All” causes the file WFXSNT40.EXE to be shut down as well. (At least this is what I see happening in Windows XP SP2)

Maybe someone else can confirm this, because I have never had this occur with 10.02, 10.0 or even WinFax PRO 9.0/TalkWorks PRO 3.0.

This WinFax Port Starter (WfxSnt40.exe) file is required to be active before you start WinFax PRO 10.03.

Check your task manager, if you don’t see WFXSNT40.EXE active, then don’t start WinFax until it is running.

You can manually start it first by double-clicking WFXSNT40.EXE in your WINNT/SYSTEM32 or WINDOWS/SYSTEM32 directory, then start the Controller.

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