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for that link, change SYMCLN.EXE to SYMCLEAN.EXE

update: i checked the links and documents that Symantec has listed for using Symclean and the Norton_Removal_Tool.

1. Norton_Removal_Tool doesn’t remove WinFax. In fact, it won’t even allow you to remove all those Norton products it claims to uninstall until you uninstall WinFax. Which to me, makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. WinFax was never a “Norton” product and there is no reason why someone should be forced to uninstall WinFax to clean another completely unrelated product.

2. SymClean that is listed on WinFax support document is linked to the wrong file. The document links to SYMCLN.EXE which does not exist. (Should be SYMCLEAN.EXE)

3. The SymClean file has been updated sinced the last time I tested it. When I tested

10/16/2008 10:46PM