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If this solution works for you, please reply to this thread and indicate that it did (or did not)

Didn’t work for me. I found this thread after posting in a fax group that Winfax Pro 10 stopped working right for me, after I installed MSIE 7 recently. I have the same problem, when I try to put a new fax number in the phone book and click on the number field, it shuts that window abruptly, so I can’t add any new numbers now. This sucks.

I’m discouraged with Symantec anyway ( problems with Systemworks, where they stopped me from using it because I bought it on Ebay! ) and am about ready to find out if there’s a better fax program that’s inexpensive and works with XP, that can import my stuff from Winfax, then I could dump it for good.

Oops, ok, I saw the next post about rebooting. Sorry for the confusion. It worked for me after rebooting. But why did the problem happen? Is it Microsoft’s fault or Symantec’s fault?

I keep hearing how crappy Winfax 10 is with XP but it’s worked for me for years now. I hate to have to switch, being all my stuff is in there, but am very disgusted with Symantec after they apparently disabled Systemworks on me, after finding out that I bought it ( legitimately! ) on Ebay. My money was wasted.