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A. can I set up winfax so that I plug my fax line into my comp, it
receives the fax, and automatically prints it out to my printer
(functioning just as a fax machine)

Yes , computer must be on all the time and WinFax set to auto-receive, and set to automatically print the faxes received.

B. can I set up winfax so that it goes into my computer first, then to
my standalone fax machine, printing from the fax machine?

No. One or the other will answer the fax, you cannot have both devices answering and processing the fax.

C. In both of the instances above, can I set how the faxes are saves
(ex. all faxes on 04/04 get saved into one folder, then 04/05 in
another, etc)?

No, at least not automatically. Faxes are saved in your receive log, you can move faxes to another folder after they are received.

D. does it save fax ID # (in case we get a blank fax so I can know who
sent it)?

Yes, CSID and Caller ID information is saved in the logs (providing the modem supports caller id and you are setup in COM port mode, not TAPI) CSID is set by the fax machine/fax sender, so yes this information is also stored in the logs.

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