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I got a new dell with no pci port for modem connection.
But I got a usb port converter to connect my US Robotics 56 kb modem to my computer,that is to say,connect modem to that converter,then connect that one by using usb cable to my computer.

But the problem is very weird and terrible.
It seems everything is great after unplugging and plugging in the power cord for both usb converter and that robotics modem and restarting my brand new dell computer.

But in a few minutes,the problems happen in three ways,

the first case,if you dial that number,you just hear the dial tone,no response forever from winfax.

the second case,you can see from the screen,winfax starts answering after 2 tones(I set up 2 tones),but it just shows :ANSERING…that’s it,nothing in nature answered at all,and stayed there for a few minutes and then disappeared.

the 3rd case,it works very well for a day or two,but after that,the problem happens.I set up to receive faxes after 2 rings,but sometimes,it has 8 or 9 rings before it starts receiving;sometimes,just shows :answering with nothing to receive;sometimes,winfax has no response at all.
Could you help find out the possible problem?
If you think that USB connection for modem and converter and my new computer caused the problem,do you have any idea to replace with a regular pci modem ?
It seems Dell new computers don’t have any regular ports at all for modems.

Thanks a lot.