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This problem occurs when I send a fax from the client WINFAX manually.
When I enter a number manually from the client as a 7 digit number 5556666 the host adds a +1 (618) to the number as +1 (618) 5556666.
If I enter another area code 314 as in 3145556666 the client shows 3145556666. The host shows +1 (618) 3145556666.
If I select a vendor from my phonebook on client that should be a long dist number 6182227777 then the client strips the 618 off the number (not correct) and the Host adds +1 (618) to the number.
If I select a vendor fro Lient Phonebook that should be long dist number 3145556666 then client shows 314555666 and the Host adds +1 (618) 314-5556666.
If I put a 6182226666 number in client manually then the Host adds +1 (618) 6182226666.
Thanks for any help.