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Do you use other WinFax clients that connect to that same host? If so, does the host also add +1 (618) for all the faxes you send from other clients? This can confirm if this is a client specific problem, or a Host problem.
From what you describe, it appears the problem is on the Host since its adding +1 (618) to all faxes.

Go to the Host’s Program Setup — Dialing and Location.
What is listed as the area code, country code/long distance code, international long distance code?
You should have 618, 1, 011
What Country is selected from the drop down list?

Confirm which dialing method is set for the Host — see Program Setup under Dialing and Location, Advanced. You can select “WinFax Dialing” or “Windows Dialing”.

You can try Windows Dialing, but you will then have to make sure your Windows dialing rules are configured properly on the Host machine.
In this mode, WinFax will use all the dialing rules defined in Windows — not WinFax.