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Good Aftrenoon,
Added New recipents into phonebook, No change.

Switched back to WinFax Dialing on Host, Client1 and Client2.

Client1 – Strips all 618 numbers to the 7 digit number. Allows a 314 and seven digit numbers. Does not add 1 to 314 number.
Host – Adds +1 (618) to all numbers that it recieves from the Client.

Client2 – Acts the same as CLient1

Host acts properly when I send something directly from it. I select a vendor from phonebook and it either strips the 618 off for a local number or adds the 1 618 for a long distance call. It also add a 1 for a 314 number.

This setup just seems to have a problem with the Client sending the numbers to be sent to Host.

Is there a file or configuration that impacts only the recieving of numbers from the Client?


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