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From my understanding, the Norton Removal Tool doesn’t actually remove WinFax for you, it requires you to uninstall WinFax (from add/remove programs) before you can continue with the Norton Removal Tool to remove other Symantec programs. This has been a headache for many WinFax users. I have no idea why Symantec requires you to remove WinFax to remove other unrelated Norton programs. We’ve done this tedious step for our clients without having to uninstall WinFax at all.

The rebuild tool doesn’t “rebuild” entries that are missing (it doesn’t look in your DATA folder and rebuild based on the fax files that are in there). It fixes the log if corrupt entries are found within the log structure. If your log wasn’t corrupt to begin with, the rebuild tool doesn’t do anything to your logs.

If your status.wfb file was only 1K, and you deleted it, you’ll end up with an empty (new) log (WinFax will re-generate a new one). But if it was already 1K, it was probably empty to begin with. It sounds as if you moved your data folder while a component of WinFax was still running (like the WinFax Controller, or the WinFax Service) and ended up with a default (1K) status.wfb file, that wiped out your log. When you moved your data, you probably copied the remaining data and the status.wfb (probably much more > 1K) didn’t copy because it was in use by WinFax.

If you have a backup of the original folder (before you copied it back) you might be able to recover the data, but you’ll lose any existing faxes you’ve sent/received since then.

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