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When do you get this error message?
can you describe the steps ?

The BeginDownload() points to when you click on “NEXT” in the “Check for Updates” dialog box. Is this when you get the error? When it displays “an update is available” ? or immediately when you click on NEXT?

-2147024882 this error means ‘Out of memory’. Possible Cause and Remedy:
This error has been encountered when an application was attempting to write to the Windows event log but the event log was full. The event log was set to ‘Override events older than NN days’ (and there was no system message indicating that it was full). Changing this to ‘Overwrite Events as Needed’ removed the error. The application in question was a Visual Basic 6 application, and this does seem to be a standard cause of this problem with VB 6 applications.

Open Window Event Viewer (click start, run and type eventvwr.msc and click OK to start the Event Viewer)

Navigate down and select the “Application” event log, right click this and select “Properties”

Change “When maximum event log size is reached” option to “Overwrite events as needed”.

Click OK.

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