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Unfortunately, with WinFax, off-peak faxing doesn’t always prevent a fax from sending out outside off-peak hours. It would be nice to have the option to “halt everything between HH:MM and HH:MM” but it doesn’t work that way. If a fax started a transmission during the off-peak time, it can continue sending that same fax after off-peak times.

Make sure that the faxes in your outbox are actually configured to go out during “off peak” times, to do this, you can go to the Outbox and right-click the headings (across the top of the list where it says “Name”, “Time” , “Date” , “Pages”, “Fax Number” etc.) a list of heading names should appear with checkmarks, now click “Other”, then choose “Off Peak” so it is enabled (checked).

This will add a new heading called “Off Peak” in the outbox log. If Off Peak is enabled for a specific fax, it should show “On”. Make sure the faxes that are pending in your outbox indicate “On”, otherwise, they will transmit at any time.