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If you search the on-line help in WinFax, there are step-by-step tutorials on how to create a custom cover page. Search for Cover Page and you will find them.

Here is an example of what is available in the help:

Creating a new cover page

1 Start Cover Page Designer.

2 On the File menu, click New. The New Cover Page dialog appears.

3 Click Using The Cover Page Designer Tools.

4 Specify the size of the cover page you want to create and click OK. Cover Page Designer opens a blank workspace.

5 Insert your logo. Do the following:

a Prepare you logo. (you should have something already designed in a graphic format winfax will support like bmp or pcx.)

b On the toolbar, click . The Insert Stamp dialog appears.
c In the Description list, click the logo you prepared in step a and click OK. The cursor changes.
d Drag the cursor to the location where you want to insert your logo and click the left mouse button. Your logo appears.

6 Insert the appropriate text. Do the following:

a On the toolbar, .
b Click at the desired start point and hold the left mouse button down.
c Drag the pointer to where you want to add the text. A dashed line outlines the size of the text object you are creating.
d Release the mouse button. A text box appears with the cursor positioned inside of it.
e Type the appropriate text.

7 Add variables such as the sender’s name, recipient’s name, number of pages, and so on. Do the following:

a On the Insert menu, point to Recipient, Sender, or Details and click the appropriate variable. The variable appears.
b Drag the variable to the desired location and release the left mouse button.

8 Add other graphics or text using the tools on the Cover Page Designer toolbar (optional).

9 On the File menu in Cover Page Designer, click Save As. The Save Current Page As dialog appears.

10 Do the following:

a Locate the folder in which you want to save the new cover page.
b In the File Name field, type a name for the new cover page.
c In the Description field, type a longer name for the new cover page (optional).
d Click Save.

Note: Cover Page Designer adds your new cover page to the General folder in the Cover Page Library using the file name and description you specified. To use this as your default cover page, click the cover page in the Cover Pages folder list and then click Set As Default on the File menu.