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I was recently provided with the solution through the Microsoft Online Solution Support to the MS Fax problem I posted . I appears there was a problem with the registry key
The appropriate registry fix was merged into the registry and corrected the problem. I can forward the registry fix if you want to try it, but you should be sure you can return your registry to its original state if it doesn’t work.

I am not sure I understand what you mean when you talk of the “Windows XP update”? Do you mean the Windows XP Updates from Microsoft or a specific update for another XP compatible program?

The WinFax problem I originally had, has also been fixed. (or at least it APPEARS to be working) The WORD Macros were replaced (the Word macro fix is on the Symantec site support site) in conjunction with a bit of other tweeking.
… I am grateful for the help I have received to resolve these issues 🙂