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I haven’t installed the fax software the other machines. My scanner is attached to this specific machine. I’ll will see if it’ll work on my laptop.

Here are the settings:
Made sure ECM was unchecked, and;
Lowered connection speeds to 2400, and;
Disabled FIFO

I’m using an external Motorola VoiceSurfr 56K modem to send faxes.

Under the General Tab:
Communication Port – TAPI
Initialize – 19200
Volume on – Until Connected
Modem Type – Class 1

Fax Tab:
Modem Connected to a Regular or Cellular (PCS/GSM digital)

Initial String Sequence –
1) AT&F&D2&C1&K3S7=55

Flow Control – AT&K3

Use hardware flow control – CHECKED

Reset – ATZ

I’ve run all the modem diagnostics I could find. It checks out OK