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@BillM wrote:

My salesmen were looking for some way to fax their price lists without having to stand at a fax machine for 4 hours, so Office Depot sold us WinFax Pro. Well, we are having some issues running it on an XP machine. I got it loaded fine, set the modem up split with the existing fax machine on that line. Went to dial one of our other fax machines, and after it dialed the number it proceeded to print the fax on the machine it was sharing the line with, and would not fax to the other number. So we disconnected the other fax entirely, and were then able to dial the other number and fax to it.

My salesman then set up his phone book and groups to fax to for this morning. Again, with only the modem plugged into the phone line, he started faxing to his groups. Every number dialed came back as busy, and then after retrying, deleted the entry from his phone book. I’m going to see about returning the software to Office Depot if I can get it to uninstall, since I have seen nothing but bad about this product. This has me stumped, and it’s not like I’m computer illiterate – I have a 4 year degree and 13 years in the computer field, and have never had this problem with software. Thanks.

Fax Machine and WinFax sharing same line:

Busy signals indicate that WinFax is not dialing the correct number, or is adding inappropriate dialing codes in front of the number being dialed, resulting in a busy signal from the phone company. Double check your send logs to determine exactly what number is being dialed, check for any prefix, area code rules and/or credit card rules being enabled incorrectly.

As for the number being deleted from the phonebook after dialing, this is a new one for me. I have never heard of this occurance, double check your phonebook to see if it actually was deleted.