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@BillM wrote:

Thanks for your help. Here’s what I finally had to do. I had to set WinFax to use WinFax dialing properties, then change from default to dial as entered, then enter the number in the phone book as 12125551212,1234 and that worked. If I had it dial as default or under Windows it showed the 1 but would not dial it, and we’d get the “You must first dial a 1 or 0 for this number” when dialing. Seems to be working now though.

That will work, but its not the best way to do it especially if in the future you move to a different location, or the phone company decides to change their dialing rules, area codes etc.
you end up having to change a lot of phone entries. Not a big deal if your dealing with a few numbers, but can be a problem in the future if there are many numbers to change. Something to keep in mind…