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@jadejadejade wrote:

Ok….Can u give me a personal advice whether Winfax can be installed or not, no matter what Symantec officially said. Also, are u familar with 2003 Server Microsoft Fax? Does it crash with Winfax? I mean can it be coexistent with Winfax in 2003 server?

From the readme.txt file in WinFax PRO 10.03–

Conflicts with MS Fax software
Installing WinFax 10.03 on the system that already has MS Fax installed causes two warning/dialog messages to come up. Following the instructions on stopping the spooler, and a
manual reboot, will clear the problem. MS Fax should be
disabled before installing WinFax.

So, you should definately disable MS Fax software if you want to use WinFax.

As for installing on the Windows 2003 server, it should install fine. It might be the MS Fax causing you problems with the install of the printer driver.

Here is the quote from the Readme.txt in WinFAX PRO 10.03 regarding Windows NT/2000 Server

WinFax NT/2000 Server
Please note that WinFax is supported on Windows NT/2000
workstation installations only. It is not supported on Windows
NT/2000 Server or Terminal Server.