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From the begininning to now, I have not installed MS fax on the 2003 server at all. So it is simply Winfax 10.04 (also previous versions too as I have tried them) that cannot install the Winfax driver… Is there a fix around as my simple job is broadcast a simple advertisement to all customers using Winfax in 2003 server?

I have tried a simple change to my existing printer driver LaserJet driver by unchecking its LPT1 port and then checking it as a Winfax driver. Then I print my word advertisement from my MS Word 2003. It prints out to the normal winfax windows but with only a quick coverpage, and nothing else. But at lease it pops out the winfax windows for my sending of faxes.

Then I tried using the cover page wizard to amend the cover page. I do it by copy my word advertisement on to the cover page. It display great there on the cover page. But it is totally greyed cover page if I send it to other computer. Is there any tricks around it?

I have wonder if the following method works. I fax it from another XP PC with that advertisement to this 2003 server and them save it as fax image. Does it work if this received fax image can be used for my broadcasting from 2003 server?