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@pmarsh wrote:

It really bothers me that Symantec sells WinFax knowing that it has problems. I’ve found so many other people with the same problems but no fix. The problem is they have the market share and they don’t give a rats ass, if they did they would fix it or at lease point us to the problem. All their tech notes say rebuild the logs. Stop it, the db has nothing to do with it.

Actually, corrupt logs can cause a lot of problems including causing faxes to hang.

I guess it’s what I should expect from Symantec, their AV products are weak and cause all kinds of other problems. I’m really concerned about the damage they’ll do to Veritas now that they own it. I’ve been using Veritas for years now, the first version released under Symantecs control is 10D I’ve been testing it for two weeks now and it’s got problems. WHY, WHY, WHY?

Don’t know why since they are the same Veritas people at development, just now merged with Symantec.

I’m not a programer but I wish I was so I could design and produce a product that would work and not hang when it receives a fax.

I wish someone could tell me why it hangs, what is the root cause?????

Is there reg hacks out there that I don’t know about?

HELP ME PLEASE I HATE WINFAX but I have to support it.

Have you tried changing the modem?