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@ralfa wrote:


I acquired and installed Winfax specifically with the intention of forwarding incoming faxes to an email account. This function works fine – I am receiving the faxes as emails with FXM attachments.

I downloaded and installed the miniviewer on the PC’s receiving the emails to view the FXM attachments.

My problem is that I cannot easily view the FXM attachments.
To view them I need to:
(a) Save the attachment to a folder
(b) open the miniviewer executable
© specifically open the file “filename.fxm” in that directory.

Cumbersome to say the least …..

Question: Why is it not possible to double click on the attachment to view it in miniviewer? The miniviewer program opens when I do this (ie. the files are correctly associated), but the attached file does not automatically open in the viewer.

Am I doing something wrong or is this not supported ….?

Many thanks,

What email application are you using to receive the fxm image file?