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You must be right when you say Distinctive Ring isn’t too popular.

Right now my modem wants to answer every call be it a fax or voice so I changed the number of rings to 5 which allows me time to answer the phone. Of course this is only a joke as it doesn’t really fix anything because I have to be there to answer the call before the 5th ring or the modem will take it and even if I do answer before the 5th ring it could actually be a fax call…

I still don’t know how other users are dealing with this but if you are using XP there is absolutely no advantage in having this software to handle your fax needs. In fact it is really causing unnecessary problems.

To make matters even more annoying, I spoke with our phone line providers and they were about as useful as Symantec themselves. Just to top it all off none of the computer outlets in this country that I have contacted have even heard of a COM switch for use with distinctive ring. Most tried to sell me a manual switch box for sharing printers. I am starting to think that this is a total windup I am even looking around here to see if there is a hidden camera…