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Most send/receive problems are issues with the fax modem and WinFax, also sometimes a conflict with another device or software installed on the system. My guess that the problem isn’t specific to the DSL line, it is the hardware/software combination.

I would bet that what you are actually encountering is not related to the DSL “phone line” but likely a problem with the hardware installed in this machine! (which is likely caused by the modem, network card, dsl hardware + software etc)

If you take a known working WinFax machine, and plug it into this same DSL line, it would probably send and receive just fine — which would cancel the theory that the DSL line is the problem, since the DSL line is simply a POTS!

Now i’m not saying that it isn’t possible that the DSL line is a problem, it is just unlikely — because if it was a problem, then you would have problems with making connections via any device on your phone line (data modem, physical fax machine etc.) and that is beyond a WinFax problem.