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@jgothard wrote:

I have WinFax 10.02 installed on Win XP Pro service pac 2. When I ask WinFax to send I get the message “no dial tone”. WinFax tests the modem as good – on COM 3. When I go to the Tools menue I find that only COM 1 & 2 show up. TAPI is highlighted. Re-install dosen’t help. Can any one tell me how to “fix” it?

You can try the steps outlined in this document

Test in HyperTerminal:

Exit all open Communications programs.
Click Start, point to Programs, then to Accessories, and then click HyperTerminal. The HyperTerminal folder window appears.
Double-click HyperTerminal or Hypertrm.exe. The HyperTerminal window appears.
Type any name for the connection in the Name field of the Connection Description dialog box.
Click OK. The Phone Number dialog box appears.
Type any number in the Phone Number field.
Select the modem from the “Connect Using” drop-down list. The default selection will do in most cases.
Click OK. The Connect dialog box appears.
Click Cancel.
In the blank HyperTerminal window, type atz and then press Enter. The modem should respond with OK. If your modem does not respond at all, or does not respond with OK, it is not configured properly in Windows.
In the HyperTerminal window, type atdtXXXXX (where XXXXX is the phone number), and then press Enter.
NOTE: The refers to the entire dialing sequence of a number. If you need to dial a prefix, add it here as well. You should hear the modem pick up and dial the number. If you see a message indicating that there is no dial tone, then contact your phone company for assistance.
In the HyperTerminal window, type atz and then press Enter. You should see an OK response.
Exit HyperTerminal. There is no need to save the changes.