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Could u tell me what exactly message stores, which i still think of folder in my concept?:)

Message Manager stores faxes in a collection of folders (Send Log, Receive Log, and Outbox) in the Logs window. These folders are part of the Messages message store. A message store works like a filing cabinet with drawers that hold different types of files.

Faxes in the Messages message store are uncompressed; the Messages message store is therefore more suitable for short-term message storage or for storing a smaller number of messages. If you want to keep your messages for long-term use or you receive large numbers of messages, you can set up your own message filing system with custom message stores and subfolders. For example, you might want to organize correspondence by customer and your sales reports by quarter.
Depending on your needs, custom message stores can be compressed or uncompressed. As you accumulate messages in the Messages message store, your WinFax/TalkWorks data requires more disk space. To minimize the amount of disk space required, you can create archives by enabling compression when you create your message stores. When you move a message to an archive, Message Manager automatically compresses it.

Message Manager also supports sharing of message stores. To share a message store, simply locate it on a network drive that is accessible to those you want to share it with. Other WinFax/TalkWorks users can access it by creating a new message store in their Logs window that points to the existing message store you placed on the network. If desired, you can make the message store read-only so that it cannot be modified by other users.