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Ok, before I offer suggestions on how to prevent the error message, I’ll provide you a solution on how to restart WinFax properly so you can use the Send Dialog box again without Rebooting your computer.

First, close down WinFax Controller if it is running and the WinFax Message Manager if it is running (if you can’t close it, just go to the next step)
Press Control-Alt-Delete. The Task Manager Window should appear.
Click on the “Processes” tab.
Find the following processes in this list (if they don’t appear on the list, find the next process), and click End Process on each of them. Click YES to end process if prompted.


once these three tasks have ended properly, you should then be able to restart WinFax properly. NOTE: You might have more than one instance of a process, make sure you delete all instances of wfxmod32.exe, wfxctl32.exe and faxmng32.exe

Once you’ve been able to restart WinFax properly, you can then try to rebuild your attachment database.

Repair the Attach.db file

In the WinFax PRO Message Manager, click Tools, and then click Maintenance Utility. WinFax PRO and the Controller close.
Click Launch Application or Applet.
Click DB File Repair and click OK.
Select Fax Attachments, and click OK.
Click Yes when prompted to confirm the rebuild, and click Finish.
Click OK once the summary screen appears, and click Close on the SymDiag window. You are prompted to restart Message Manager.
Click Yes. Message Manager and the Controller restart.