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Yes, there are problems with Brother and I believe some Sharp Fax Machines. This has been a problem with US Robotics for many years.

You can try adding ATS36=0 (thats a zero) in the line #2 or next blank initialization string line , or add it immediately after the S7=55 in line 1, so line 1 reads :


(Here we don’t add the AT in front of the S36=0 because its already there in the start of the initialization string) if you add it to line 2, make sure you add the AT, so it reads ATS36=0)

If that does not work, try replacing 0 with 6 or 8. This can be done in Modems and Communications Devices in Program Setup.

See if that helps.

Another idea–If you know a specific modem works, why not install that same type of modem on this PC?

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