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The best type of modem would be an external type (non-USB) serial port modem or a PCI modem that is NOT software driven. Some software driven modems work fine (and are cheap) but they take processor resources, and are more likely to cause problems on slower machines. Rockwell type chipset has always been dependable with WinFax. Some older type fax modems use the Rockwell Class 1 chipset, like Hayes Accura, Supra FaxModem and some no name brand type modems are very reliable with WinFax. These modems are not sold anymore, and your really only going to find US Robotics and some cheap oem software driven modems now at most computer stores. eBay is a good resource to find older type 14.4bps fax modems (14.4kbps data or 28.8kbps data are the best for WinFax)