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The first time you attach a file (for example, a Word .RTF file) WinFax will generate the appropriate fax images from that RTF file. To do this, WinFax has to open Word and perform the conversion. Lets say the document you attached is called “myfile.rtf” what will happen is WinFax will generate a “FXD” file for each page of that document.

Each time you send a file, WinFax performs a check to see if it has already sent that same document. If it has, it doesn’t re-create the “FXD” files. This can be a problem if your sending the same “myfile.rtf” document, but the actual contents of this document has changed.

One way to solve this problem is to delete any temporary attachments in your attachments folder (within WinFax)

This may be the reason why sometimes you’ll see Word open and other times not.

As for WinFax polling a directory, yes this is possible but must be performed using a custom application created with the WinFax SDK (Software Development Kit)